The Retreat allowed me the time out from the day to day distractions to truly reflect and give me insight and perspective. It helped me to be grateful for what I have and live more mindfully.


A lovely time to re-connect with mindfulness; have some silence and be reminded what is important in life.


A Retreat that was focused on your overall wellbeing - Claire knows her mindfulness! It makes you rethink your life, how you address your emotional wellbeing and what you can do to change your future. Great food! Great energy! Highly recommend!


The Retreat was a fantastic chance to practise mindfulness in a beautiful, calm setting with like-minded people.  Claire is a wonderful facilitator and brought interesting material for us to discuss and invited us to reflect and deepen our practice.








Sue Forman 5 star
This Centre has such a lovely feel it's a great place to work from. Claire is so welcoming and has a great vision unfolding. Yoga class is great! I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to come along to the many classes and workshops on offer.


Sarah-Jane Franklin 5 star

When someone first recommended Mindfulness to me, I was slightly cynical. I can now say, thanks to Claire, I am a true believer!
Claire's warmth and kindness make it really easy to get started with Mindfulness, even if you've never tried anything like it before. Her Sunday evening class is a great hour away from the rest of the world to consider the week that has gone and to prepare for the week ahead.
There have been some times in the recent past that have been very dark and Claire's guidance has been a real light on the horizon to keep me going and the techniques i've learnt have helped me grow and deal with every aspect of day to day life.
I am truly grateful that she and the centre came into my life when they did and I know that The Centre of Wellbeing will just continue going from strength to strength.
Attending the Sunday evening class has become a welcome part of my life. It enables me to end my week on a good note and begin the next in the right frame of mind. Having completed the formal mindfulness course elsewhere, this is the perfect add on to my practice. Claire blends an atmosphere of openness, warmth and acceptance with her own unique combination of perception, wisdom, counsel and tranquility. Oh and the smell of those candles......bliss!!. Namaste, Beverley xx
Maiken Haaden 5 star
Claire visited our WI group in Ongar and that was an amazing experience, her talk about Mindful Meditation and what that means for our wellbeing, to stay in the moment for a little while. We were all excited and look forward to attend her classes.
Claire Bloss 5 starI've been attending Claire's Sunday Mindfulness class since early March and it's just wonderful. Claire has so much passion and her belief in mindfulness is infectious. She has helped, and is continuing to help me in so many ways and I can't recommend her more highly.
Madelaine Halabi 5 starA great way to switch off and refocus. Especially if your mind is always on the go!
Sarah Allen 5 starThanks Claire for a wonderfully relaxing thoughtful mindfulness class today really makes a difference to the rest of my week x