Welcome to the Centre of Wellbeing


The vision:

We are the U.K's number 1 community hub for wellbeing.

Known for providing headspace, connection and signposts.

Dedicated to creating and sharing tools and techniques that empower everyone to be well, think well and feel well.

We are building a community that thrives on empowerment of self and others - we want to build it with you through our membership program so please join us!


Our Centre is Your Centre

The Centre


The mission:

To put wellbeing on the map!

To mindfully facilitate, educate and signpost around wellbeing.

To co-create wellbeing communities and remind everyone of their authentic potential to be well, think well and feel well.



We collaborate with many local therapists to keep you informed of what's available.

We support and nurture local therapists.

We supply wellbeing services to corporations, businesses, organisations & education.


We offer many free tasters, offers and Sweet Talks so do come and visit us soon!xx


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