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When you feel like being around people that understand, that inspire and that support, The Centre of Wellbeing has a whole host of groups, activities and classes.

 If you are seeking answers and the idea of change or you would simply like to feel better then our Membership is the first step towards joining a Community of empowered support.

 Whether you are seeking 1:1 or group settings, movement or meditations, classes or clubs, we know you’ll find something to suit you.

 We opened our doors in 2014 and already have a number of members who enjoy their preferential rates, monthly newsletters and above all, the Sweet Talks.

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Our Centre is Your Centre

The Centre


The mission:

To put wellbeing on the map!

To mindfully facilitate, educate and signpost around wellbeing.

To co-create wellbeing communities and remind everyone of their authentic potential to be well, think well and feel well.



We collaborate with many local therapists to keep you informed of what's available.

We support and nurture local therapists.

We supply wellbeing services to corporations, businesses, organisations & education.


We offer many free tasters, offers and Sweet Talks so do come and visit us soon!xx


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