Welcome to The Centre of Wellbeing

Please remember that you are your own Centre of Wellbeing and no one can ever truly make you feel better, happier or  healthier - it comes from you! 

However, when you feel like being around people that understand, that inspire and that support, The Centre of Wellbeing has a whole host of groups, cafes, talks, activities and classes on offer!

Joining our community as a member, for £5 per month, has many benefits including a FREE Sweet Talk every month but please don't feel you have to become a member because our services are open to everyone...


Our Centre is a mobile community!

We are building pop-up Centres of Wellbeing in the community - if you'd like us to come into your local area - please get in touch!


The mission:

To put wellbeing on the map!

To mindfully facilitate, educate and signpost around wellbeing.

To co-create wellbeing communities and remind everyone of their authentic potential to be well, think well and feel well.